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Introducing our 6-week turnaround programme

The medical industry is subject to trends and changes in modern technology. With the expert application of cutting edge branding, utilising digital marketing to engage with patients and industry professionals, as well as smart business scaling, your practice is headed for a resurgence with iMedprac.

Injecting energy into ensuring your practice continues to grow and evolve is essential to maintain your patient experience, standard of care and reputation as first class.

The tailored package is structured around your specific needs

What you can expect

  • Modernised, captivating branding
  • System streamlined practice
  • Correct legal and ethical principles
  • Competitive edge
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased patient footprint
  • Improved office efficiency
  • Higher quality care
  • Better patient experience
  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Digital, paperless, modern practice

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I had decided to open my own GP practice in the beginning of 2018. As a young medical professional, I honestly had no idea where to begin. My wife actually researched on my behalf and she suggested that I give Imedprac a call. She found them as one of the top search results (more on this later) and we threw caution to the wind and decided to phone them. From the very first contact with this team, Carolyn and Inge were so warm and friendly and I knew that only good things could come off of this.

From good, it just got better when I was introduced to Dr Dirk Van de Spuy and Dr Lynelle who basically started with what they call “The first 10 steps” to setting up the practice. Let me assure you, what a wonderful way to visualise a dream. It was from these 10 steps that my dream started to take shape. They introduced me to major key players within the medical field from a law firm to accounting to software etc. each one giving valuable information to grow the practice. And I also found out that Imedprac practice what they preach. The reason I was able to find them so easily on the internet was due to the same essentials in practice management that they relay, they use themselves.

Its been 6 weeks in and I am living my dream. I am still in the process of growing my practice but I can honestly say that this team was invaluable. This testimonial does not do their efforts justice. I was once told “surround yourself with those that want to see your success as theirs” and I can honestly say that they embody this through and through.
Dr Imraan Shaikh
Dr Imraan Shaikh
General Practitioner

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