I had decided to open my own GP practice in the beginning of 2018. As a young medical professional, I honestly had no idea where to begin. My wife actually researched on my behalf and she suggested that I give Imedprac a call. She found them as one of the top search results (more on this later) and we threw caution to the wind and decided to phone them. From the very first contact with this team, Carolyn and Inge were so warm and friendly and I knew that only good things could come off of this.

From good, it just got better when I was introduced to Dr Dirk Van de Spuy and Dr Lynelle who basically started with what they call “The first 10 steps” to setting up the practice. Let me assure you, what a wonderful way to visualise a dream. It was from these 10 steps that my dream started to take shape. They introduced me to major key players within the medical field from a law firm to accounting to software etc. each one giving valuable information to grow the practice. And I also found out that Imedprac practice what they preach. The reason I was able to find them so easily on the internet was due to the same essentials in practice management that they relay, they use themselves.

Its been 6 weeks in and I am living my dream. I am still in the process of growing my practice but I can honestly say that this team was invaluable. This testimonial does not do their efforts justice. I was once told “surround yourself with those that want to see your success as theirs” and I can honestly say that they embody this through and through.
Dr Imraan Shaikh
Dr Imraan Shaikh
General Practitioner
iMedprac is the most wonderful, knowledgeable, talented, smart bunch of people in the business all wrapped up in one box. I never would have been where I am today without them.

Natasha met me as a wide eyed, clueless registrar and the team has turned me into a confident, excited member of the private practice family in less than 2 months. I wouldn’t suggest this type of timeline but they really shone at meeting all of my tight deadlines. I don’t know anything about business, nor did I really want to, but the problem is that private practice is a business. iMedprac understands this better than anyone. They have done it all before, many times. They have made all the mistakes and now I get to learn from them the easy way. Every member of the team is supportive, friendly and efficient.

I have a team of friends behind me now, cheering me along the way. They took all of my ideas and dreams and turned them into the practice that makes me smile every morning. There isn’t a single detail left out of their plan. They have thought of things that nobody else will tell you. I am so very grateful to each and every one of them. I highly recommend iMedprac to anyone even thinking about delving into private practice. It is not easy to navigate alone and there are not many people willing to share the secret.
Dr Shalin Singh
Paediatric Surgeon
The thought of setting up my medical practice was both intimidating and daunting. I lacked business knowledge and had no idea where to start.

The iMedprac team provided me with direction, knowledge and support from start to finish.

It was an absolute pleasure to be guided by such a friendly and professional team.

I highly recommend them to any medical professional that considers starting up a practice.
Dr Wilna Thiebaut
Paediatric Surgeon
iMedprac is every Practioner’s ideal Practice Management Solution company.

I recently qualified as a Paediatrician, and the whole concept of Private Practice was foreign to me. I am so fortunate that iMedPrac provided the necessary guidance, support and expertise. They assist and co-ordinate the meetings with all service providers who have been carefully chosen to provide the best service.

Dirk Van der Spuy, Natasha Stone and Carolyn Wigston are amazing individuals who ensures the quality of their product and the success of every Practioner they help. They provide ongoing support and advice and ensures that the transition to private practice is hassle and stress free.

I will highly recommend their company to my colleagues.
Dr Stephane - Logo - on White
Dr Stephane Maingard
As a client of the iMedprac consulting team, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the assistance, advice, and constant communication with the various expert service providers within the field of private medical practice. I found Dirk Van Der Spuy, Lynelle Hoeks, and Carolyn Wigston in particular, exceptionally friendly and helpful. Their product greatly assists in the setup of private practice for clinicians new to the concept, and to business. More importantly, their advice and experience is something that money cannot buy.

I would therefore highly recommend iMedprac to anybody who is new to private practice, and even to those who may have been in the game for some time, but may want to improve their game just that much more.

Dr Preyen Naidu
Dr Preyen Naidu
Orthopaedic Arthroplasty Surgeon
I call iMedprac the one-stop shop for medical practice setup and management. As someone entering the scary realm of private practice, I was impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of Dirk and his team.

The key was to keep the wheel turning, they covered every aspect you could possibly think of. They assist with linking the specialist with carefully handpicked service providers whom I believe are the best in their field.

I am delighted iMedprac was part of this exciting journey and I would strongly recommend them to my colleagues.
Dr Kobby Essel
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
I have been using iMedprac to help me set up my new practice for almost a year, and am pleased to say that I am extremely satisfied with their network, their innovative solutions, and also their patience during this stressful time.

I have also referred them to other colleagues who needed a similar service, and they have also confirmed iMedprac’s relevance and service mindedness.

I’m happy to recommend the services of iMedprac.

Dr Paul
Dr Paul
Specialist Radiation Oncologist
I opened my private practice in November 2015. Prior to that I had always been cocooned in the academic environment. The idea of entering the unknown world of a highly competitive business environment was daunting to say the least. iMedprac held my hand as I took my first steps in this new environment. The team has put together a well-planned step by step itinerary through which I was guided. There were regularly scheduled meetings where input and feedback were exchanged and the foundation for the next goal was laid out. It is also reassuring that the team works in a successful private practice and as such are aware of the day to day needs of the practising specialists. In addition, the team has valuable point of contacts regarding advice on labour law, HPCSA rules, accounts and taxes. I would highly recommend the iMedprac services for the Medical Specialist starting out in private practice.

Regards, Dr Vinod Thomas
Dr Vinod Thomas
Cardiac, Devices and Arrhythmia Specialist
I used iMedprac to guide me in setting up my private practice last year. From the first meeting their goal was clear: to launch me into the market and have the practice settled and profitable within the shortest time possible. Looking back to the past few months that goal has been achieved. iMedprac gave me the framework to plan the whole process leading up to opening. They also introduced me to all the role-players needed in this process, making sure all aspects were covered: from finance to marketing to legal matters. iMedprac continued to support me after the launch, and had regular follow up visits to get feedback and ensure that the daunting task of setting up a private practice was as smooth as possible.

I can recommend iMedprac to any specialist planning to venture into private practice.
Dr Pieter Naudé
ENT Specialist
A service so professional, relevant and encompassing ALL the numerous aspects of starting a practice! The iMedprac team are a necessity for anyone wanting to lay a solid foundation for their practice! Thank you.
Dr Kofi Kwaw-Asante
Gynecologist & Obstetrician

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